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Ocean Hunter’s premium range of Australian-made rigging lines are the perfect addition to your speargun equipment. When embarking on a spearfishing adventure, it’s essential to be well-prepared with reliable gear, and these rigging lines offer a convenient solution.

One of the standout features of Ocean Hunter’s rigging lines is their user-friendly design. The lines are engineered for easy dispensing and storage, making them a practical addition to your dive bag.

Remember, preparation is key when it comes to spearfishing, and having backup equipment is a fundamental aspect of staying safe and successful during your underwater ventures. By incorporating Ocean Hunter’s new rigging lines into your arsenal, you’re ensuring that you have the necessary tools to tackle any situation that may arise during your spearfishing trips.

Discover the range of essential rigging lines from Ocean Hunter below.

Ocean Hunter’s Battle-Braid Dyneema is a durable line, which comes with a tough exterior. It is a pure dyneema for battling trophy fish and available in a variety of colours. Battle Braid is a fantastic shooting line option, particularly in roller guns as it reduces the potential of muzzle wrap. Perfect for your primary gun or belt reel, this Dyneema has a high breaking strain and a reduced diameter, so it can be spooled onto your reel in greater quantities.

Battle-Braid Dyneema is cleverly packaged to help dispense your line and keep it free from tangles. Go with the traditional black option, or alternatively colour match your gear with one of the other bright colours to choose from, which includes pink, acid green & red. Battle Braid is available by the metre or in a 50 metre spool.

Ocean Hunter’s Monoforce Monofilament is used as shooting line that connects the spear to the Speargun. It is one of the strongest monofilaments on the market and has a very high breaking It is also abrasion resistant which prolongs the life of the shooting line.

Monoforce Monofilament is available in black as it is the easiest to see when fighting the fish of a lifetime and also reduces the risk of the diver getting wrapped in the shooting line. This shooting line is suitable for large bluewater fish like Tuna and Mackeral, and is 100% the best option for landing hard fighting fish.

Monoforce Monofilament is available to purchase by the metre, as 10 or 20 metre spools with crimps, or in 50 or 100 metre rolls. The 10 and 20 metre spools are supplied in packaging which dispenses the line to keep it free from tangles and the 50 or 100 metre rolls are supplied in a re-useable rigging pouch to keep the line and crimping tools at hand.

HydroLok Constrictor is a revolutionary line that makes tying your rubber easy. Engineered with a precise diameter that gives you the precision needed to tie effective knots without pulling, cutting, or damaging your rubber. Tying rubbers to your speargun correctly is crucial for ensuring that your spearfishing gear functions effectively and safely. You must use secure and reliable knots to attach the rubber bands to your speargun. One common knot used for this purpose is the constrictor knot. This knot holds the bands securely and can be easily undone when needed. HydroLok Constrictor allows you to tie the perfect constrictor knot every time!
Ocean Hunter’s premium rigging lines provide the peace of mind and reliability you need to enhance your spearfishing experience. With their Australian-made quality, user-friendly design, and compatibility with spearguns, these rigging lines are an excellent choice for spearfishing enthusiasts who prioritise top-notch gear. So, equip yourself with Ocean Hunter’s rigging lines and secure your catch with confidence.

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