Chameleon Skin Pant

$75.00 AUD

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The Ocean Hunter Chameleon Skin Top and Pant gives you the ultimate versatility, camo effectiveness, and UV protection. Built utilising Ocean Hunter’s proven anatomical pattern, the suits can be used as a top and bottom combination, or as stand-alone garments. The high-flex lycra material offers divers supreme flexibility meaning simple and unhindered movements throughout your entire dive.

The Ocean Hunter Chameleon Skin Top and Pant protects you from the harsh sun and UV rays during long hours of Spearfishing at exposed dive sites. A ridged comfort Neoprene loading pad offers protection from repeat loading, whilst the elastic waist adds addition in position hold, all but eliminating “duck dive” ride up, that can be experienced with inferior designs. The Chameleon Skin top can be worn over a standard wetsuit in order to temporarily add the option of a loading pad, along with being used stand-alone over board shorts or bathers for regions with very high water temperatures and where waist-up stealth is the main requirement.

The Chameleon Camouflage was developed specifically for the tropical waters of Australia and assures that you blend seamlessly into the underwater environment increasing significantly your odds of that personal best catch. From tropical to temperate water the Chameleon Camouflage is tried tested and unmatched in effectiveness. Tested and certified UV 50+ the Chameleon Skin Top and Pants are essential to any serious spearos kit.

Key Features

  • Ocean Hunter’s proprietary Chameleon camouflage
  • Available as Top & Bottom sets or stand-alone
  • High-flex durable Lycra for easy on/off
  • Proven anatomical fit
  • Leg Stirrups and thumb loops for supreme fit
  • Rigid non-slip Neoprene Loading Pad
  • Anti-ride-up elastic waist
  • Flatlock seams for strength and durability
  • Available in sizes Youth to Adult



Chameleon Skin Pant
$75.00 AUD

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