Ocean Hunter Vanquish Carbon Barrel

This Barrel was born out of the need to create a Speargun that could handle anything thrown at it.

For the dedicated Spear fishers that don’t recognise borders or limitations to finding that once in a life time fish. More of us are searching the world looking for remote uncharted waters and BIG gamefish.

We wanted to develop a Barrel that was reliable, accurate, stable and packed a punch, but most importantly easy to travel with and could be used for anything from Dogtooth Tuna to snapper, Coral trout and whiting.


  • 120cm Barrel (more sizes to come)
  • 65mm wide at widest point
  • 100% molded Carbon Barrel
  • HD foam filled and sealed
  • 860grams un-ballasted
  • Works with Rob Allen and Ocean Hunter components along with many other manufacturers components with no modification.



  • Comfortably floats an 8mm shaft setup with roller head and reel
  • Can be fine-tuned with ballast system for any spear and band setup.
  • High density sealed foam filled core reduces vibration, noise and recoil offering a very stable shooting platform for high powered roller and traditional multi band setups
  • Carefully designed and tested barrel shape, increases stability. Ensures stable tracking and accurate shots.
  • Beautiful gloss carbon twill finish
  • Incredibly strict Quality Control parameters, every barrel is individually inspected and tested against a strict series of tolerance points before it is signed off and ready for sale.
  • Limited Life Time warranty against manufacturing and material faults.
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee


How it shapes up



We wanted a practically unbreakable barrel. Load it with 3 or 4 bands or a double roller head with no flex. We wanted it to have the buoyancy and stability to handle any setup. Importantly we wanted the mass to minimize the recoil no matter the spear and band selection.

Accurate and reliable:

It needed to handle 30+hours of travel and still shoot like it should. We wanted an accurate gun out to 6m with the grunt to penetrate.


Why take 5 different guns on a trip of a lifetime when 1 will do? We wanted to make something compact enough to travel anywhere and shoot anything. We wanted to keep the muzzle and handle easily replaceable if something were damaged in transit. We wanted the barrel to handle endless modification without causing any issues with strength.

Quality and Looks:

The Barrel needed to be at least as good if not better than the best guns on the market AND it had to LOOK the part too.



Cue whiteboard drawing designs that addressed the hydrodynamic issues. Let’s make it easy to move it under water. Let’s make it wider than other barrels, let’s make it light. After around two months of back and forward, a million cups of coffee, and a beer or 2, we had a CAD drawing of the barrel.

Three months after that (and quite a lot of frustration, coffees and beers later) we had our first working prototype ready to test. It was good, but not quite there. We had nailed the shape, but the buoyancy needed adjustment. The fit and positioning on the muzzle was not right and the rubbers could have sat flatter. So away we went again. Then we gave it out to a bunch of divers that we knew would give us some honest feedback (no mouth/brain filter) and asked them to have at it.

Our Team members ranged from as far as New Zealand and the US to back home here in Australia.  Our barrel has been used to take everything from Squid and whiting in Victoria to Dogtooth, Sailfish and Giant Trevally off Scott’s reef in Broome.  It has travelled the world to:

  • Indonesia
  • New Zealand
  • USA, Hawaii
  • Mexico
  • The middle east
  • Niue
  • Tonga
  • The Mediterranean Sea

We’ve used the highest quality Carbon fibre types we could find. The tight weave and unique mixture of carbon layers and manufacturing process which involves a unique mold for every size. Pressure and temperature controlled curing process make for one of the strongest carbon fibre barrels you’ll find anywhere. After the initial shell is born we cool, then High Density foam fill and seal the barrel, clean and then finish all surfaces. We finish up with an in-water pressure test to a specific depth and time to ensure the seals are doing their job. This barrel is a tank, regardless of band setup the barrel does NOT flex.

For the Rob Allen divers out there looking for a barrel upgrade to handle heavier shafts, reels and multiple bands or rollers our barrel is a direct swap with your existing Rob Allen components.

Expressions of Interest

$549USD / $699AUD

To be the first to get your hands on the new Ocean Hunter Vanquish Barrel fill in the firm below and we will let you know as soon as they become available for purchase.