Return Product for Service

Where can I get  Ocean Hunter products serviced?

An Authorised Dealer in your area is the best place to have your product serviced. Local prices and availability may of course vary. Pricing and availability outside of Australia may be obtained by contacting the Authorised Dealer, Distributor or Affiliate that represents that area.

When returning your product to an Ocean Hunter dealership for repair do not enclose cases, accessories or other items non related to the service. Ocean Hunter cannot be responsible for these items if they are not returned to you. Please do not send non-Ocean Hunter equipment.

What service does Ocean Hunter perform during repairs?

All items returned to Ocean Hunter will receive the standard full factory service and tests for that product before shipment. No partial repairs or services are offered or available. Please, do not ask. When an Ocean Hunter product leaves the factory, we must be certain that it is 100%.

Wetsuits will be assessed upon receipt. In most cases repairs can be carried out but we retain the right to return product if we believe that the product is beyond repair .

For some products that are obsolete, or if service has become too expensive, or parts are unavailable, an UPGRADE to a new current line may be the only option.

Products that are worn out, or damaged or deteriorated beyond repair, will not be serviced. Non-Ocean Hunter products will not be serviced.

What are the shipping and handling charges?

In Australia, $12.00 to $20.00 will cover most single-item services. Some large or rush shipments will be higher, and will be quoted on request. Warranty services will be shipped freight paid. Declined or unserviceable products will be shipped freight collect.

What is the warranty on factory repairs?

If the repair is done at no charge under warranty, the original purchase date remains as the date the warranty began. A new warranty period does not begin when a warranty service is performed.

Most non-warranty repairs offer a 1 Year Limited Warranty.