Northern Beach Spearos

We are a small group of spear fishermen based around the Sydney Northern Beaches. All fish we spear is eaten. We are sponsored by Extreme Spearfishing in Brookvale and members of the North Shore Underwater Club (NSUC). Also checkout our YouTube Channel...

Northern Beach Spearos

See some amazing videos form the Northern Beach Spearos

Young Bloods

YBS are a small spearfishing crew from the beautiful coast of Western Australia. We just want to share our underwater experiences and adventures through film and photos. Don't forget to check out our Instagram @youngbloodsspearfishing and checkout our videos on YouTube.


See some amazing videos form the Youngbloods

Lucus Handley

Lucas Handley has a number of projects on the go; working along side AUP and Submerged Nation on a project for Earth Hour,Scuba for Change and their Puerto Galera project and Moeba production‘s Tribes of the Big Blue. Lucas is also off on assignment, filming strange occurrences in the pacific ocean with the likes of Adreno Spearfishing and Scuba and MB! magazine for Mercedes Benz. Check out the new short film on body language with whales. As always, the gallery is filling up with some incredible imagery. Check it out!