Chameleon Camo

Transferring an on-screen vision into the reality of a Nylon lining, was not as simple as it sounds. If the suits were too dark, they were not suited to the pure Blue Water environments found in Northern Queensland and Northern Western Australia. Too light and the contrast was too great with the weed line environments of the cooler Southern waters.

In development for more than 12 months, the Ocean Hunter proprietary Chameleon Camouflage has become industry renowned for its versatility in both Blue Water and Reef / Weed diving environments. From the outset the goal was to develop just that, a dual-purpose camo, that would allow divers the flexibility of using the one suit, in the multiple underwater environments that they explore.

Ocean Hunter Camo

Numerous colour swatches and sample suits trailed over the course of a year finally lead to the selection of the Chameleon Camo that we see today in the Pro 3, Core 3 and Skin models. Already we have some exciting new product in development utilising the Chameleon camo, soon to be released to the worldwide market.

Stay tuned…

3 Atmosphere Float

When embarking on a technical development such as a 3 Atmosphere Float, it was critical for us to form a partnership with one of the industry leaders in the manufacture of inflation products. After scouring the globe for the right company, we were able to find a manufacturer, with many years of experience. They were the perfect technical support required to achieve our goals during the development of the 3 Atmosphere float.

Inside the Atmosphere Float

Atmosphere Float

Only the highest quality construction methods allow for the inflation of a Dive Float to a working pressure of 44psi. A dual layered design, housing an internal bladder with high-grade grid webbing reinforcement across critical pressure points allowed us to achieve the desired level of performance. Each and every float sold into the market has undergone extensive cycle inflation testing and is subject to the strictest quality control inspections.

We are extremely proud of the recent release of what customers are telling us is “simply the best float on the market”…

Pre assembly testing